Digital disbursements

Deliver a digital disbursements experience with Zepto’s cloud-native platform. Granular, flexible and always on, disburse funds smoothly with real-time messaging right through the payment journey.

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Better for business

Business hums when funds move smoothly, and back-office processes are friction-free. With Zepto’s payout solutions you can configure high-volume, end-to-end, direct-to-customer payment flows that scale as you do.

Put payments to work

Disburse payments with precision, improve your customer experience, drive efficiency through automation, and benefit from automatic fraud detection, and real-time messaging via our API or webhooks.

Automation & Integration

Zepto’s API-first approach drives the potential for cost-savings through automation. And our unified API integration provides seamless, extensibility without multiple costly, future integrations.

The confidence to scale

Zepto provides a seamless path right now to the payment channels of the future, allowing you to scale rapidly without the worry of your payments system keeping pace. 

API Documentation

Tap the power of Zepto by using our sophisticated yet simple-to-use API. Built as a RESTful API using JSON as its data-interchange format, it’s designed to feel homely but behave performant and modular-in-style. Go on, give our API documentation a read. We’ve even got a Postman collection in there for you to play with, no code required!

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Zepto is:

Authorised and licensed by the Financial Markets Authority in New Zealand (FSP# 711431)

A registered standards user with the API Centre of PaymentsNZ

A registered SWIFT Bank Identifier Number SPPYAU22 for ISO 9362 compliance

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