Terms and Conditions of Zepto Payments (NZ) Ltd (“Zepto”) Direct Debit Request (“DDR”) Service Agreement

DEFINITIONS: in these [Customer Terms], "Zepto" means Zepto Payments (NZ) Limited and "Zepto Platform" means the software platform and associated APIs provided and/or managed by Zepto for the purpose of providing payment processing services to the [Merchant].

  1. AUTHORISATION: The [User] requests and authorises Zepto, on [Merchant's] behalf, to arrange for Zepto's financial institution to debit from Your nominated account any amount the [Merchant] has deemed payable by You (these amounts may be regular variable payments or set instalments).

  2. CHANGE OF TERMS: The [User] acknowledges and agrees that [Merchant] may from time to time be required to amend these [Customer Terms] insofar as they relate to Zepto or the Zepto Platform if the [Merchant] is required to do so by Zepto. 

  3. DEFERRING OR STOPPING A PAYMENT: Should the [User] wish to defer a payment to another date the [User] must contact the [Merchant] before the date of that payment to request the deferment. The [User] may request to stop an individual payment through the Zepto Platform or by contacting the [User]'s bank, however, the [User] will still be liable to make this payment to [Merchant] in accordance with these [Customer Terms].

  4. CANCELLING THE PAYMENTS The [User] can cancel at any time through the Zepto Platform or by contacting the [User's] bank. Cancellation of the authority to debit the [User's] account will not terminate the [User's] contract with the [Merchant] or remove the [User's] liability to make the payments the [User] has agreed to with the [Merchant].

  5. DISPUTES If the [User] disputes any debit payment, the [User] is strongly encouraged to notify the [Merchant] immediately, notwithstanding any notifications made to the [User’s] bank. The [Merchant] will respond to the [User]'s dispute within 7 working days and will immediately refund the amount of the debit if the [Merchant] is not able to substantiate the reason for it. If the [User] does not receive a satisfactory response from the [Merchant] to the [User's] dispute, the [User] may contact Zepto who will respond to the [User] with an answer to the [User's] claim within 30 business days if the [User's] claim is lodged within 120 days from the disputed drawing.  The [User] acknowledges and agrees that Zepto is not obliged to investigate claims lodged more than 120 days from date of the disputed drawing.

  6. BUSINESS DAYS When the day to debit falls on a weekend or public holiday the debit will be initiated on the next working day.

  7. DISHONOURED PAYMENTS It is the [User's] responsibility to ensure that on the due date cleared funds are available in the [User's] nominated account to meet the direct debit payment. 

  8. ENQUIRIES The [User] may direct enquiries about the Zepto Platform to enquiries@zepto.nz.

  9. OTHER USER RESPONSIBILITIES In addition to those already mentioned, the [User] is responsible for ensuring that the [User's] nominated account is able to accept direct debits.