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Our simple-to-use API is engineered for great developer experience and ease of integration.

API Documentation

Tap the power of Zepto by using our sophisticated yet simple-to-use API. Built as a RESTful API using JSON as its data-interchange format, it’s designed to feel homely but behave performant and modular-in-style. Go on, give our API documentation a read. We’ve even got a Postman collection in there for you to play with, no code required!

Dive in

Sandbox Environment

The best way to familiarise yourself with Zepto’s API is by interacting with it. Try our sandbox environment today and look for the support launcher to talk with our integration team.

  • Isolated testing
  • Production behaviour
  • Reliable integration testing
  • Always free

Help Centre

Zepto’s Help Centre contains useful articles, cheat sheets and deeper insights to help with your integration. This is constantly updated with release notes and articles.

  • Getting started
  • Custom payment forms
  • Import/export data

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